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Atelier Entropy

Crafting the website of an independant ceramic workshop. But how to showcase valuable products on sale while respecting art conventions ?

Atelier Entropy is a Nantes based independant ceramic workshop created in 2016 by Juliette Levasseur. She crafts and sells handmade and valuable products made of white smooth sandstone and black grogged sandstone with slipware and even gold. Inspired among others by My Neighbor Totoro, The Little Prince, Where The Wild Things Are or The Dark Crystal, she questions loneliness and duality through our close bonds, behaviors and gestures between each others. Her sensitive and emotional world is about what matters the most : keeping the dream alive.

The need.

Atelier Entropy needs a digital presence for her products to be both shown and sold. Shown to increase her legitimacy and recognition in the art landscape and claim to be part of the most prestigious events. Furthermore, her products are part of a story telling that makes people diving into a very private universe, and bring these questions :

—  How to capture her products soul ?
—  Should we rather shoot her products in a studio or in situ ?
—  Could customers shoot the products ?
—  How matters the pictures in the content hierarchy ?
—  Should we indicate informations ?
—  How to showcase all products with enough insight to avoid further actions ?

Then sold to widen her sales opportunites out of the ponctual happenings, before her second source of income : courses. However, depending on the product purpose and value, there are art conventions to take on board along these questions :

—  Should we sell her products online ?
—  Should we rather sell her product on a personnal website, an external platforme like Etsy or both ?
—  Should we indicate the cost ?
—  Could customers negociate the cost ?
—  How matters the cost in the content hierarchy ?
—  How to sell her products without the cost ?

Atelier Entropy